Changing pace - Oct 24

I'm going to be focusing on bugs, performance, and tweaks for the remainder of the milestone. That means probably less exciting devlogs for a while.

There are a lot of fixes, performance improvements, and tweaks though! Check them out.

Also a new outfit! Those will still be trickling out, and villagers should get more wardrobe variety.

Patch Notes
* Added Shirt and Slacks
* FPS improvements
* Added male appearance for Inquisitor Robes
* Added more clothing options for Villagers
* Added /lockcamera
* You can now drop containers onto a solar still to put them in, if that's your thing
* Fixed cursor being visible in first person
* Fixed animation error with chairs
* Fixed a bug that could cause villagers to go missing
* Fixed a bug that could cause components retrieved from an alchemy bench to clip through walls
* Fixed flickering on some of the hair
* Fixed shoppers sometimes skating around
* Fixed duplicate shoppers sometimes appearing

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