Placing Markers - Dec 6

* Added Marker, allowing you to mark points in the world as a waypoint that you can see both in game and on the map
* Plants now need air in addition to water. If you over-water your plants without giving them time to breathe then they won't grow.
* Researching copper tools also unlocks bronze tools
* Added new research screen when looking at something you've already researched

* added console /gimmexp, /iknowkungfu

* Increased hunger
* You can now drink from a container in first person by looking down

* Fixed furniture sometimes falling through the ground and disappearing
* Added a message when woken early
* Fixed some cases where sickness wouldn't heal with rest
* Fixed two researches being incorrect

* Fixed equipment window background, changed its position to right side
* Fixed close button on crafting
* Fixed interacting (E) with ground stuff
* Villagers want you to let them sleep
* Fixed an error when using a candle
* Fixed 3D sounds

* Fixed case where the saw wouldn't turn a slope into a 3/4 slope
* Fixed being unable to use a flower on the mortar
* Fixed a case where using the interact key on a factory would quickly open/close crafting

* Fixed some plants not properly reflecting the season
* Fixed some items being worth $0 when you first get them. It eventually fixed itself, but now it's immediate
* Fixed an error message
* Fixed being unable to use buckets on solar stills in first person


Windows 474 MB
Dec 06, 2019
OSX 497 MB
Dec 06, 2019
Linux 533 MB
Dec 06, 2019

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