Measuring heat - Sep 11

You can now craft a thermometer to measure the local temperature, which is useful because crops will die in extreme heat or cold. Animals will also eat your crops, so you may want to keep them separated. Lots of other tweaks and fixes too.

Patch Notes

* Added Thermometer
* Categorized the research tree
* Animals will eat crops
* Crops will die in extreme temperatures
* Weapons can once again break bushes/trees
* Reduced torch expiration in rain and wind
* Will no longer sweat while holding down run and not moving
* Tooltip now closer to crosshair when in first person
* Can once again use saplings and other furniture as fuel
* Made fires a bit more lively
* Made item icons brighter
* Made early morning brighter


Windows 476 MB
Sep 11, 2019
Mac OSX 498 MB
Sep 11, 2019
Linux 532 MB
Sep 11, 2019

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