Become an Inquisitor Today - Oct 17

There's a new inquisitor's robe!

What an unexpected treat.

A bunch more QoL and fixes have gone in. Boiling can now be done directly, and your dropped items have more of a grace period where you can reclaim them on someone else's property.

There's more facial expressions added as well.

Patch Notes
* Added Inquisitor Robes
* Added curious expression
* Added shocked face expression
* Increased view distance of glass
* some FPS optimizations
* You can now boil liquids by dropping containers directly onto your campfire, if that's your thing.
* Fixed a bug that would cause Gerald to no longer be interactable after his intro
* You should now be able to use items you've dropped if you put them on someone else's property. If you abandon them they'll be taken, though
* Fixed some weird stuff with sitting
* Fixed some bugs with the crafting filter

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