October 3 - Catchin Swamp Bugs

Several biomes have gotten a facelift to match the new aesthetic of the plains. There's new plants and polish, like in this spoopy swamp.

Villagers have gotten many fixes and improvements. They should be much more lively about town, and have more to say. I've also added proper lip syncing to their talking, so they should look better while chatting away.

Aside from all that this was a major bug fix update, so there should be lots of fixes to some of the major issues. Check out the patch notes for a full list!

Patch Notes
* New trees in most biomes
* Added seed buying tutorial
* New male lips
* Fixed NPCs being unable to jump out of pits
* Fixed certain trees falling through ground
* Fixed sapling sometimes falling through ground
* Shop doors should no longer lock sometimes when the shop is open
* Fixed Villagers being unable to open doors
* Fixed a pathfinding bug
* Added proper mouth movement for talking villagers using the new models
* Fixed a case where zooming in/out would ignore inputs occasionally
* Fixed an error message

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