September 26 - What a treet

Trees have had further improvements, particularly at medium and long ranges, so standing on a mountain and looking off into the distance you'll see more high-quality foliage.

There's also a new graphics option to fine-tune just how far you can see trees. So if you've got trees or a potato you can choose.

The rest of the update is a lot of quality of life changes and fixes, as well as some performance optimizations. Refueling should be easier, and you should no longer be able to lodge items into other items when dropping them. You can see the full list of changes in the patch notes.

Patch Notes
* Improved look of distant trees
* Added "Tree Distance" to options to fine-tune how far you can see trees
* Various optimizations
* Factories no longer require sticks/fibres to be started, you can use any fuel
* Optimized loading when running around
* You can no longer drop or throw an item when it's colliding with something
* Fixed a case where Villagers could fall out of bounds
* Fixed sleep animation
* Fixed icons being wrong when opening chests
* Fixed sticks/fibres falling through the ground
* Fixed some error messages

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