July 11 - Say Cheese

You can now research and build a Cheese Press, add milk to age it into cheese. I did a lot of research on fermentation for both the keg and cheese press, and here's a fun fact: yeast is made with yeast, so most yeast that you buy has been using the same yeast culture for hundreds of years. It was actually difficult to find a recipe for yeast that didn't already require having some yeast. Basically, you can use a sourdough starter, so that's why the Keg recipe requires flour and water. Rennet is used for cheese and works similarly, except you use pine needles, which is represented here with plant fibres. Anyway, if you ever find yourself scratching your head at the craft recipes it might be a bug, or it might be because the real-world technique is also weird.

Wheat seeds can now be found at the Garden Shop, they grow in any season but winter and can be milled into flour.

The Keg has had a bunch of new recipes added. Ever heard of Kumis, Mezcal? There's all sorts of popular and less-popular fermented drinks to be made.

Work on combat continues. In addition to seeing where your target has positioned their sword and shield, there's also a UI indicator so you can watch whichever one you find comfortable. Covering your opponent's attack angle with the same will block their attack, making combat more of a game of trying to find an opening in their defense.

Patch Notes
* Added Cheese Press. Can age milk into cheese.
* Added Wheat Seeds to Garden Shop
* Wheat can be made into Flour at a Mill
* Added a bunch more Keg recipes
* Millstone now requires fuel because the alternative was to make crafting on it take a longer time which seemed more annoying
* Kegs, Tanning Racks, and similar all sparkle when done
* You will only start climbing while jumping/falling
* Fixed a display error with inventory on load
* Improved dodge control
* Added overlay to lock-on that shows target's weapon and shield position (in addition to animation)
* Attacks will be blocked based on your weapon/shield position relative to theirs

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