June 6 - Dark Portal

There's a new tier of research available with some new recipes. One such item is the Astral Portal, which functions like the Astral Recall, but it allows you to return to where you were before recalling. Use once, return home, use again, return to where you were. Also since for the most part you'll want to break down an item once to get its elements, the Alchemy Table will now only break down 1 item in a stack and spit the rest out. The Collection Screen will also list an item's element once it's been researched so you can keep track of what you have or haven't researched yet.

With research being largely ready the only thing remaining systems-wise before I start doing big content pushes is the combat rework which I'm working on now.

Also the male model is almost ready to go

Patch Notes
* Added Dark Ages research technology
* Added Astral Portal. Use once to recall back home, use a second time to recall back to your previous point.
* Alchemy Bench only consumes 1 of a stack of a time and spits the rest out. No more accidental vaporizing.
* Added keyboard controls to various input screens
* Added description to new research screen
* New research sound
* Added stun resistance to armor and creatures
* Added gamepad support for navigating backpack
* Fixed appearance of distant trees

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