New customization options and alchemical research

I'm moving towards a slightly different system for research, where instead of dictating what you need to craft to research new recipes, you can choose and experiment with whatever you can find. So now whenever you break down an item on the Alchemy Table you gain a certain amount of elemental energy that's displayed on the screen. It can't be used yet (next week's update), but you can accumulate it now so you'll have a nice cache to work with for the next update.

The customization options are back in with the new character model. You can adjust all sorts of new things too with chest and belly sliders, cheeks, ears, nose, chin, and mouth which allows for a wide range of different body and face shapes

Patch Notes
* Breaking down new items at an Alchemy Table will now give you different elemental energy which is displayed on the Alchemy screen
* Added instructions to alchemy bench
* Added effect for drowning
* Added customize slider for eyebrow rotation, eyebrow size, mouth size
* Added customization sliders for chin size, height, and depth
* Added back in eye color and clothing color customization for new model

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