New update adds an all new set of rested buffs, craftable windmills, and even greater housery.

When you sleep at a bed at the end of a day you'll get a new set of rested buffs for the following day: * Tree Bulldozer lets you knock over trees by bouncing off them. * Great Hugs makes your hugs super-powered to make your animals happy and give you speed boosts.
* Deadly Hunter gives you huge critical hits against enemies.
* Popular Shop GREATLY increases the amount of customers your shop gets.
* Weirdly Hyper makes you move around super fast.
* Gone Fishing improves all your fishing stats and makes it much easier to attract fish.
* Speed Grow lets you harvest or water your plants by running over them.
* Rock Breaker lets you dig and mine quickly with your bare hands.

If you were feeling jealous about the town's windmill you can now craft your own at a Tinker Table.

There's also new half blocks for the plaster house tileset for more gradually sloped roofs. What better way to showcase all these nice block changes than with MORE HOUSES!!

Patch Notes
* Can now craft Windmills at the Tinker Table
* Added all new rested buffs. Bulldoze trees, get a customer frenzy, become a better fisher, run on your plants, sledgehammer blocks, gain deadly crits, give great hugs, or just get real hyper.
* Added half blocks for thin plaster
* Added new houses to town
* Added console command /daystar to set length of days
* Fixed placing Lutes
* Fixed being unable to click with weapons to swing
* Fixed duplicate damage numbers
* Fixed several cases where cash register wouldn't detect items for sale

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