Multiplayer is Ready

Multiplayer is ready for beta and testing. In addition to "just making it work" I've also added bans and mods for servers. In your Data/StreamingAssets/ folder you'll find a bans.txt which is a list of users that are no longer welcome on your server, and mods.txt which is a list of users that are super-welcome and can use console commands. I'll be adding /who, /makemod, /removemod, /kick, and /ban commands either today or tomorrow to make it easier to use.

For multiplayer options there is LAN, which should auto-detect when someone on your network is playing and let you join. There's direct connect to IP for private servers with friends, and there's public servers which show up on the Server List when you first click on Multiplayer. To get your server to show up there you'll need to click on Create Game and make sure "Display on Server List" is checked. Dedicated servers (a server without a player) is not currently supported, but will be during beta after I've gotten some testing and feedback.

Which means we are in the polish, bugfixes, and playtesting period before I release the game to more backers. I'll be going over my playtest data and making tweaks and changes for general playability, particularly towards the first hour. If you have any critical feedback that should make it in before wider release, now is the time to give it!

Patch Notes
* Multiplayer should be pretty functional now. You can use LAN, Direct IP, or add your server to the Public Server List.
* Added bans.txt and mods.txt to control who can do what on your server

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