Fantastic Mr Furnishings

Holidays are over, hope yours were sufficiently festive. I added a bunch more furniture to craft and buy and decorate with. There's all sorts of new tables and chairs, as well as colorful sofas, armchairs, cushioned desk chairs, nightstands, and a barrel in case you want to open a chintzy restaurant.

There are a couple of quality of life improvements like making the little "hop" up non-sloped blocks flow a bit better, and a new search box for the crafting window to let you filter through the results. Just start typing in a name, like "bed" and suddenly you'll see all the beds. This should make it easier to find what you're looking for in what is now over 900 items available to make in the game.

Also a small update: One of the characters is undergoing finalizing tweaks and should be showable soon, at which point I'll probably do another poll and if feedback is positive we'll proceed to retopo. Probably won't put them into the game until they're both done since it'd be kinda weird to have a realistically proportioned character next to gremlins.

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